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About Millennium

Millennium InfoTech or Millennium is your Trusted Source for competent Technical Talent in Core Technology, Migration and Adoption of Cloud and Digital, and in helping you meet fulfill your ever changing and evolving Digital Business needs.

Millennium's focus is helping our clients and partners maximize profitability through providing them exceptional talent. Unique to Millennium all of our talent are our employees, on average for over 5 years, therefore we follow a different approach where we constantly invest and grow our people who are our most precious assets. In turn you receive talent who are very capable and competent professionals well positioned to help enable your firm to meet and exceed the challenges you are facing.

Our clients know well that we, Millennium, are there for you as you face challenges of finding skilled IT talent and that Millennium will quickly source a strong match and effectively deliver the technical talent needed whether for short-term projects or long-term support.

Millennium works tirelessly to continually refine and improve our process that focuses on identifying and understanding the functions and dynamics of your organization as if it were our own. Millennium has a proven successful track record of placing capable talent that not only have the technical competency but share the aligned behaviors and cultural values so they can quickly deliver benefits. We use our expertise and specialized IT focus to enable us to capably translate your needs and environment in to talent that can flourish specific to your needs and realize your specific success criteria.


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