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Datacenters are passe. With the advent of cloud technologies and infrastructure consolidation around the corner, organizations are looking for solutions that can maximize their IT capabilities while downsizing on their infrastructure acquisition, deployment and maintenance costs.

Millennium Infotech now offers a path breaking product, MitiBoxx, which combines the twin concepts of branch IT consolidation in combination with the datacenter consolidation. MitiBoxx is a solution that can be referred to as "Branch in a Box" or "Single point IT" or "IT in a box" for small and medium branch offices. MitiBoxx eliminates the need have expensive racks at every location, cabling jacks, local IT vendor support and etc and also a lot of real estate and human resources. MitiBoxx offers solutions to all of these plain and grey areas of Total Cost of Operations (TCO) of IT for branches. This reduced TCO of IT at branches when multiplied in numbers adds a great value to the TCO of organization as a whole and also adds agility to IT infrastructure of the organization.

While the industry is rapidly moving towards server consolidation and virtualization at the datacenter level , MitiBoxx offers a consolidation method at a micro level in making the remote branch consolidation possible by not only consolidating server or a desktop environment but also by consolidating all fundamental elements of IT on one single box which consists of routing , switching , security , acceleration , wireless and voice applicances which could be from any vendor across the IT spectrum. MitiBoxx is a flexible and customizable solution to suit the needs of individual requirements.

MitiBoxx's robust design makes it a perfect solution for meeting the present and future demands of IT and its branch office infrastructure capabilities to independently operate with the cloud infrastructure in the absence of datacenters in the near future. MitiBoxx is capable of deploying acceleration services like Riverbed , Silver Peak , firewall appliances like Palo Alto and Fortinet and Wireless LAN Controllers or voice application services , any application or operating system like windows 2008 server acting as local DHCP/DNS or file and print servers. MitiBoxx is also capable of deploying remote branches easily based upon a standard template or a customized solution.

Branch in a box is a customizable 2U to 3U hardware box solution which is an amalgamation of industries best standards and Gartner guided leader quadrant appliances with robust routing and switching capabilities powered by POE+ to power the branch access points or telephony infrastructure. We offer this solution solely customized on customer to customer basis after our requirement analysis and business objectives of our customers.

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